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Ergonomic Adjustable Table - Made In Malaysia | Export Quality to Japan
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Price RM159.00 RM299.00
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Brand EvoGadgets
Size (L x W x H) 58 cm x 9 cm x 69 cm
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  • Adjustable table top both angle and height.
  • Stable and durable designed (Export quality for Japanese customer) 
  • Easy to install
  • Table Height Guidelines on the table leg for height adjustment
  • Small Screw Guide to ensure precise screw tightening position 
  • Built-in Metal Gear to ensure precise angle adjustment 
  • Easy to carry and portability ( Lightweight: less than 5kg) 
  • Easy for storage (Thickness 9.5cm only)  
  • Waterproof tabletop

Unboxing and Easy Way to Set Up the Ergonomic Adjustable Table 


Are you tired of working from home with a stiff neck, sore wrists, and back pain? Do you wish you could find a comfortable and flexible way to use your laptop, tablet, or books anywhere in your house? If so, you need the Ergonomic Adjustable Table – the ultimate solution for both professionals and parents looking to enhance their workspace or create an ideal study environment for their children.



The Ergonomic Adjustable Table is a revolutionary product that lets you adjust the height and angle of the tabletop to suit your needs. Whether you want to work on the floor, on the sofa, on the bed, or anywhere else, you can easily find the best position for your posture and comfort.



Made in Malaysia with export quality to Japan, the Ergonomic Adjustable Table has passed through a stringent product qualification test by Japanese customers and received good feedback from buyers. It is sturdy and durable, thanks to its strong metal gear and metal-based structure.



For parents concerned about their child's study habits and comfort, the Ergonomic Adjustable Table is the perfect addition to their study space. Addressing the common pain points of discomfort, hunched postures, and fatigue during long study hours, this table offers adjustable height and angle features, allowing children to maintain a healthy and natural sitting position. The small dimensions of the table ensure minimal distractions, providing a focused environment for your child to study without unnecessary clutter.



This versatile table is lightweight, portable, and easy to move around your house or store away when not in use. It is foldable and space-saving, ensuring that it doesn't clutter your living space.

The Ergonomic Adjustable Table is more than just a table. It is your best companion to work from home or provide an optimal study space for your child. It will improve your work or studying quality by reducing backaches, wrist problems, and neck pain after all day long working. The small dimensions also help minimize distractions, allowing your child to stay focused during study sessions. Invest in your comfort and your child's academic success with the Ergonomic Adjustable Table – because a comfortable and adaptable workspace is the key to productivity and well-being.



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