EVO360BBookStand – Adjustable Foldable Bamboo Book Stand 360 Degree Rotation – Cookbooks, Rehal Stand, Al-Quran

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Ergonomic Excellence for Ultimate Comfort

Our Bamboo Book Stand is meticulously engineered with an ergonomic design, featuring adjustable height and angle settings. By allowing you to position your book or drawing pad at the perfect eye level, it effectively relieves stress on your back and neck, promoting a healthier posture. The freedom it provides means you can wave goodbye to the need to constantly hold your books up, enabling hours of comfortable reading or drawing.

Seamless 360 Degree Rotation

With its 360 degree rotation capability, this stand delivers effortless adjustability. Rotate your book or artwork to find your ideal angle with ease, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience during use.

Robust Capacity

Built to accommodate your most extensive tomes, our stand can hold up to 900 pages or 450 sheets, making it a perfect companion for even the most voluminous books.

Sustainable and Sturdy Construction

Crafted from premium bamboo and supported by a full metal stand, it combines durability with eco-friendly elegance. The natural aesthetic of bamboo adds a touch of warmth to any space, while the robust metal framework ensures longevity.

Generously Sized for Versatility

The large dimensions (39cm x 28cm) of our stand not only accommodate 4A size paper with ease but also provide ample space for a wide range of books and tablets, making it an ideal choice for reading enthusiasts and artists who value comfort and versatility.

Convenient and Space-Saving

Embodying practicality, the stand features a foldable design, making it incredibly easy to store away when not in use. Whether you're tidying up your workspace or need to take your stand on the go, its compact folded form is designed to fit seamlessly into your life.

Elevate your reading and drawing experience with the 360 Degree Rotation Bamboo Book Stand. Invest in comfort, convenience, and the joy of seamless reading and artistic creation.

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